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1. PROCUREMENT  We are the vital link between industry and the needs everywhere by networking with suppliers of nutritional, toiletries, health or hospital supplies.  By doing this, we are able to recover or glean annually discarded millions of pounds of unmarketable but usable products through donation or reduced costs.

2. WAREHOUSING Usually the goods received go immediately to those in need or those who have requested them.  We will, from time to time as needed, provide a place for nonperishable goods for later distribution.  Many things like blankets and water have been donated for immediate pick up but no immediate place to go.  Therefore, we have had to store them in a safe and accessible location short term.

3.  TRANSPORTATION  The suppliers donated must be moved, usually ASAP; either to the place of Distribution or the location of warehousing.  Since at present these goods are donated from varying locations up and down the eastern United States, we realize and acknowledge the urgency to get them to their respective place or places of distribution or warehousing.  We recognize that the goods are usually earmarked for immediate distribution with one or more drops; therefore, we provide trucks and drivers to deliver supplies and materials needed at disaster sites, and we assist food banks and other agencies with transportation to feed the hungry and homeless.

4.  DISTRIBUTION  With the help of a network of volunteers through churches and other agencies, we are able to help set up temporary feeding sights and shelters in the area effected by the disaster.  The Distribution of these goods has been determined in the past due to the location of the need: Dispersing of donated personal hygiene and food goods to needy families of Louisiana, Georgia, Maryland and other areas.  We will continue to meet these Local and National demands as they arise.


Recovery and Support - S.U.R.E Project


5.  Education  The time needed to accomplish this has been usually done at Distribution Locations.  Our personnel attending have hand out information booklets, prepared by us to assist them in training and helping people on site to handle the disaster and how to start over.  As part of our program we also offer trained spiritual counselors on call to assist people in dealing with a disaster and the loss of a loved one.  Our personnel attending have returned and, in meetings designed for information and safety, conveyed the acquired information to our other volunteers and those volunteers attending from other agencies for future reference.

This program is run by a board of not less then three (3) nor more than seven (7).  Assistance is always given regardless of race, religion or national origin.


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